In Print -- Forthcoming Papers

Carlos R. Silva, Romildo Pina and Marcelo Souza :
On the study of a class of non-linear differential equations on compact Riemannian manifoldsn

Kunkun Song, Lulu Fang, Yuanyang Chang and Jihua Ma :
Hausdorff dimension of level sets in Engel continued fraction

Maedeh Soroushmehr :
Approximate identities of $\ell^1$-Munn algebras\\ and applications to semigroup algebrass

Poo-Sung Park :
On multiplicative functions which are additive on almost primes

Xujian Huang and Dongni Tan :
Wigner's theorem in atomic $L_p$-spaces ($p>0$)

Szabolcs Tengely :
Integral points and arithmetic progressions on Huff curves

Jin-Hui Fang :
Stability of perturbed sequences as a subbasis

Tsiu-Kwen Lee :
Posner's first theorem and related identities for semiprime rings

Ryotaro Tanaka :
On vector-valued Banach limits with values in $\mathcal{B}(\mathcal{H})$


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