In Print -- Forthcoming Papers

Shanta Laishram, Sudhir Singh Ngairangbam and Ranjit Singh Maibam :
Yet another generalization of Sylvester's theorem and its application

Takafumi Miyazaki and Nobuhiro Terai :
A study on the exponential Diophantine equation $a^x+(a+b)^y=b^z$

Dustin Kremer and Hans-Peter Scheffler :
Multivariate stochastic integrals with respect to independently scattered random measures on $\delta$-rings

Xiao-Hui Yan and Yong-Gao Chen :
On the weighted sum of consecutive values of an additive representation function

David Dolzan :
The commuting graphs of finite rings

Layth M. Alabdulsada :
On the class of weakly almost contra-$T^*$-continuous functions

Juan de Dios Perez :
Commutativity of torsion and normal Jacobi operators on real hypersurfaces in the complex quadric

Grzegorz Bajor and Michal Ziembowski :
An annihilator condition on Leavitt path algebras

Hongzi Cong and Qidi Zhang :
Remarks on nonlinear Schrodinger equations with the harmonic potential

Jozsef Bukor, Ferdinand Filip and Janos T. Toth :
On properties derived from different types of asymptotic distribution functions of ratio sequence


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