In Print -- Forthcoming Papers

Bruce Ebanks :
An extension of the sine addition formula on groups and semigroups

Pingyan Chen, Xiaolin Li and Soo Hak Sung :
Convergence rates in the strong law of large numbers for negatively orthant dependent random variables with general moment conditions

Tomohiro Yamada :
On the simultaneous equations $\sigma(2^a)=p^{f_1}q^{g_1}$, $\sigma(3^b)=p^{f_2}q^{g_2}$, $\sigma(5^c)=p^{f_3}q^{g_3}$

Aifa Wang and Yong Shao :
On a semiring variety satisfying $x^n\approx x$

Mike Crampin :
A condition for a Landsberg space to be Berwaldian

Xinyue Cheng and Bahman Rezaei :
Erratum and addendum to the paper: "On a class of projective Ricci flat Finsler metrics"

Janusz Matkowski :
Characterization of the Euler gamma function with the aid of an arbitrary mean

Siao Hong and Zongbing Lin:
New results on the value of a certain arithmetical determinant

Vladimir Petrov Kostov :
A domain containing all zeros of the partial theta function


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