In Print -- Forthcoming Papers

Saranya G. Nair and Tarlok N. Shorey :
On products from blocks of consecutive odd integers

Kazuhiro Kawamura :
Isometries of vector-valued function spaces preserving the kernel of a linear operator

Tianshui Ma and Huihui Zheng :
$(m, n)$-Hom-Lie algebras

Yasutsugu Fujita and Tadahisa Nara :
The Mordell--Weil bases for the elliptic curve of the form $y^2=x^3-m^2x+n^2$

Zhengxing Li and Hongwei Gao :
The influence of maximal subgroups on Coleman automorphisms of finite groups

Maja Fosner, Benjamin Marcen and Joso Vukman :
On some functional equation arising from $(m,n)$-Jordan derivations of prime rings

Sharief Deshmukh and Uday Chand De :
A note on trans-Sasakian manifolds

Mohammed Berkani :
B-Fredholm elements in rings and algebras

Bang-Yen Chen and Siraj Uddin :
Warped product pointwise bi-slant submanifolds of Kaehler manifolds

Horst Brunotte :
On hyperbolic small-span CNS polynomials

Gergo Nagy :
Isometries of spaces of normalized positive operators under the operator norm

Andrzej Schinzel :
On some open problems of number theory


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