In Print -- Forthcoming Papers

Japhet Odjoumani, Alain Togbe and Volker Ziegler :
On a family of biquadratic fields that do not admit a unit power integral basis

Nguyen Minh Tri, Tran Tuan Nam, Nguyen Thanh Nam and Nguyen Duc Minh :
On the finiteness of associated primes of local cohomology modules

Imre Katai and Bui Minh Phong :
On additive arithmetical functions with values in topological groups III

Huaning Liu and Guotuo Zhang :
Pseudo-random subsets constructed by using Fermat quotients

Young Jin Suh, Juan de Dios Perez and Changhwa Woo :
Real hypersurfaces in the complex hyperbolic quadric with parallel structure Jacobi operator

Horst Alzer and Man Kam Kwong :
New inequalities of Fejer--Jackson-type

Mihai-Silviu Lazorec and Marius Tarnauceanu :
Finite groups with two relative subgroup commutativity degrees

Norberto Gavioli, Leire Legarreta and Marco Ruscitti :
A note on non-inner automorphisms in finite \\normally constrained $p$-groups

Dennis I. Barrett and Claudiu C. Remsing :
On geodesic invariance and curvature in nonholonomic Riemannian geometry

Zhiguang Hu and Shaoqiang Deng :
Killing fields and curvatures of homogeneous Finsler manifolds

Mike Crampin :
The Cotton tensor in the projective geometry of sprays

Yunbai Dong, Pei-Kee Lin and Bentuo Zheng :
A generalization of the Gelfand--Kolmogoroff theorem


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