In Print -- Forthcoming Papers

Thomas Garrity :
On Gauss--Kuzmin statistics and the transfer operator for a multidimensional continued fraction algorithm: the triangle map

Afsaneh Shamsaki and Peyman Niroomand :
The classification of nilpotent Lie algebras $L$ when $\dim \mathcal{M}(L)=\dim L^{2}=n-2$

Mikhail Komarov :
A lower bound for restricted exponential sums

Mohammad Reza Farhangdoost and Ahmad Reza Attari Polsangi :
$\mathds{Z}$-graded Hom-Lie superalgebras

Alireza Ranjbar-Motlagh :
Isometries between spaces of vector-valued differentiable functions II

Pingzhi Yuan :
Some results on Evans problems

Li Lai and Li Zhou :
At least two of $\zeta(5), \zeta(7), \ldots, \zeta(35)$ are irrational

Mirko D'Ovidio, Anna Chiara Lai and Paola Loreti :
Generalized binomials in fractional calculus

Anatoly Nazarov, János Sztrik and Anna Kvach :
Asymptotic waiting time analysis of finite source $M/GI/1$ retrial queueing systems with conflicts and unreliable server

Eszter Gselmann :
Polynomial identities satisfied by generalized polynomials

Florian Luca, Euloge Tchammou and Alain Togbé :
On an exponential Diophantine equation involving powers of consecutive terms of the Padovan sequence

Amalendu Ghosh and Dhriti Sundar Patra :
On the $m$-quasi-Einstein almost contact manifolds

István Mező :
New expressions for the Laplace Limit Constant

Bruce Ebanks :
D'Alembert's other functional equation on monoids revisited

Nguyen Van Huan :
Complete convergence and complete moment convergence for independent random fields in Banach spaces


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