In Print -- Forthcoming Papers

Leo Creedon and Kieran Hughes :
Completeness of derivation algebras of finite commutative group algebras

Junying Guo, Xiaojiang Guo, Zhiyuan Li and Kar Ping Shum:

Esrafil Ali Molla and Subha Sarkar :
A generalization of T\'oth identity involving a Dirichlet Character in $\mathbb{F}_q[T]$

Yangcheng Li and Yong Zhang :
On certain Diophantine equations concerning the areas and perimeters of rational triangles

Railane Antonia, Henrique F. de Lima and Márcio S. Santos :
Characterizing linear Weingarten submanifolds in a Riemannian space form via $L$-parabolicity

Gary L. Peterson and Stuart D. Scott :
Solvability and nilpotency of expanded groups with chain conditions

Amrinder Pal Singh, Cyriaque Atindogbe, Rakesh Kumar and Varun Jain :
Rigged scalar curvature on null hypersurfaces of GRW spacetimes

Ákos Pintér and Csaba Rakaczki :
Indecomposability of mixed linear combinations of Bernoulli and Euler polynomials

Zoltán Boros and Rayene Menzer:
An alternative equation for generalized monomials involving measure

Pujin Li :
A note on the kernels of nonlinear irreducible characters

Ramón González Rodríguez :
Factorizations of Hopf quasigroups

Bing-Ling Wu and Xiao-Hui Yan :
On the denominators of generalized harmonic numbers. II

Csaba Farkas :
Critical elliptic equations on non-compact Finsler manifolds

Wang-Xing Yu :
On the representation of an exponential type sequence


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