In Print -- Forthcoming Papers

Manoj Bhardwaj and Alexander V. Osipov :
Rothberger property and related games

Hyunjin Lee, Imsoon Jeong and Young Jin Suh :
Killing normal Jacobi operator on real hypersurfaces in the complex hyperbolic quadric

Guo-Shuai Mao :
On some congruence conjectures modulo $p^2$

Si Duc Quang :
Degeneracy theorems for meromorphic mappings of complete Kahler manifolds sharing hyperplanes in projective spaces

Bruno de Paula Miranda, Hemar Godinho and Michael P. Knapp :
Diagonal forms over quadratic extensions of $\mathbb{Q}_2$

Zhongkui Liu, Jinlan Li and Zhanping Wang :
Relative cohomology dimensions of complexes based on degreewise cotorsion pairs

Jan Cermak, Lucie Fedorkova and Miroslav Kures :
Complete classification scheme for the distribution of trinomial zeros with respect to their moduli

Nobuhiro Terai and Yasutsugu Fujita :
On exponential Diophantine equations concerning Pythagorean triples

Xiaoyou Chen and Jiping Zhang :
Monolithic partial characters

Xiaohuan Mo and Hongzhen Zhang :
The explicit construction of projectively Ricci-flat Finsler metrics on double hemispheres

Oona Rainio :
Intrinsic metrics under conformal and quasiregular mappings

Wenjie Wang :
Notes on parallelism of the structure Jacobi operators on real hypersurfaces

Jorge Bustamante and Lazaro Flores-de-Jesus :
Extension of Norlund and Riesz means: new estimates

Antonio Lotta :
Non-existence of compact homogeneous $P$-Sasakian manifolds


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