In Print -- Forthcoming Papers

Biswaranjan Behera :
Dilates of shift-invariant spaces on local fields

Gary L. Peterson and Stuart D. Scott :
On abelian and central factors of expanded groups

Wende Li, Jianlong Chen and Yukun Zhou :
Pseudo core invertibility in a certain finite-dimensional $\ast$-algebra generated by two projections

Doo Hyun Hwang, Juan de Dios Perez and Young Jin Suh :
Real hypersurfaces with Reeb invariant shape operator in the complex hyperbolic quadric

Mike Crampin :
On parallel transport in Finsler spaces

Yalu Feng and Xiaoling Zhang :
Conformal transformations on Finsler warped product manifolds

Xiaoxiang Zhang and Jiameng Zeng :
Endocoherent complexes of modules

Xuliang Xian, Yong Shao and Sinisa Crvenkovic :
Semiring varieties related to closure congruences of Green's relations

Shaoxiang Zhang, Zaili Yan and Shaoqiang Deng :
Naturally reductive homogeneous $(\alpha,\beta)$ spaces

Sebastian Heintze :
$S$-unit values of $G_n+G_m$ in function fields

Tobias Hilgart :
On families of cubic split Thue equations parametrised by linear recurrence sequences

Yuri Bilu, Haojie Hong and Florian Luca :
Big prime factors in orders of elliptic curves over finite fields

Vakhtang Tsagareishvili :
On the majorants of general Fourier coefficients and best approximations

Bin Chen, Jie Wu and Feng Zhao :
Note on a paper by Bordelles, Dai, Heyman, Pan and Shparlinski, 3

Hirokazu Oka, Takeshi Miura, Norio Niwa and Sin-Ei Takahasi :
Ordered continuous bands on the positive real numbers and distribution


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