In Print -- Forthcoming Papers

Laszlo Szekelyhidi :
Spectral analysis and synthesis on an infinite hypergroup join

Pallab Kanti Dey and Bidisha Roy :
Torsion groups of Mordell curves over cubic and sextic fields

Manoj Bhardwaj :
Star versions of Menger basis covering property and Menger measure zero spaces

N. Saradha :
Rational points with large denominator on Erdos--Selfridge superelliptic curves

Yoshiki Matsushita, Takuya Nakashima and Keisuke Teramoto :
Geometric properties near singular points of surfaces given by certain representation formulae

Lei Liu :
Local derivations of generalized matrix algebras

Pulak Sahoo and Samar Halder :
Weighted set sharing and uniqueness of meromorphic functions

Min Ho Lee :
Hilbert quasimodular forms and Hilbert Jacobi-like forms

Mohamed Ayoubi, Driss Zeglami and Aziz Mouzoun :
D'Alembert's functional equation on monoids with both an endomorphism and an anti-endomorphism

Drew Duncan and David B. Leep :
Solubility of additive sextic forms over $\mathbb{Q}_2(\sqrt{-1})$ and $\mathbb{Q}_2(\sqrt{-5})$

Gabor Czedli :
Four-generated direct powers of partition lattices and authentication

Pradeep Das :
Properness of moment maps for representations of quivers

Min Tang and Quan-Hui Yang :
On a problem of Erdos and Graham

Demeter Krupka :
Higher-order homogeneous functions: Classification

Tuo Yeong Lee and Jing Ren Soh :
Some functional lower bounds for Fejer's sine polynomial


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