In Print -- Forthcoming Papers

Chang-Jian Zhao :
Orlicz mixed width measures

Manish Kumar Pandey and Lalit Vaishya :
Asymptotic of Fourier coefficients of Hecke eigenforms at integers represented by binary quadratic form of fixed discriminant

Tunahan Turhan, Gözde Özkan Tükel and Bayram Şahin:
Characterizations of Riemannian maps between Kaehler manifolds by certain curves

Zhengxing Li and Yuanlin Li :
Class-preserving Coleman automorphisms of Frobenius groups

Engin Büyükaşık, Haydar Göral and Doğa Can Sertbaş :
A note on variants of Euler's $\varphi$-function

Fatemeh Abtahi and Ahmad Pedaran :
BED property for tensor product of Banach algebras

Huanyin Chen and Marjan Sheibani :
The group invertibility of a matrix with nonsingular generalized Schur complement

Dijana Mosić :
New generalizations of the core and dual core inverses

Masayo Fujimura, Oona Rainio and Matti Vuorinen :
Collinearity of points on Poincaré unit disk and Riemann sphere

Fernando Etayo, Pablo Gómez-Nicolás and Rafael Santamaría :
Metric polynomial structures on generalized geometry

Wenjie Wang :
Weakly $\phi$-invariant real hypersurfaces of dimension three

Alexander Moretó :
A generalized character associated to element orders

Maliheh Hosseini and Juan J. Font :
Norm-multiplicative mappings between spaces of vector-valued continuous functions

Bruce Ebanks :
On an alienation result of R. Ger

Chisom Prince Okeke and Maciej Sablik :
Characterizing locally polynomial functions on convex subsets of linear spaces


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